How to Spring Clean Your Life (And Your Home, Too!)

For those times when it’s necessary to spring clean your life (and not just your home). 

The weather is getting warmer, Spring Break is upon us, and baseball season has returned! Definitely one of my favorite times of the year. With all of these fun things, though, comes what many refer to as the dreaded Spring Cleaning. Despite the weather being nice, it’s not quite time for outdoor BBQ gatherings or planting the garden, so it’s truly the best time of year to clean the entire house, with the windows open and music blaring, in preparation for the sunshine and summertime that’s coming up quickly.

Growing up I often wondered why Spring Cleaning was such a big deal. I mean, it felt like we cleaned our house all the time, and seriously, why not fall cleaning when the kids were back in school and the moms could do the cleaning? Well, I’m grown now, with kids and a house of my own, and I finally realize the reasons behind deep cleaning in the spring (not that it can’t or shouldn’t happen other times as well.)

Tip: Once you get your home Spring Cleaned, you’ll want to keep it that way. Grab my Weekly Cleaning Checklist to help you do so! Find it HERE.

Spring Cleaning Reason #1: Sunshine through a window makes the dust more visible.

We have an entryway that rarely sees the sun during the winter months, partly because it’s cloudy and snowy most of the winter, but also, due to the shorter daylight hours, we aren’t always home when the sun does shine through. That first spring day when the sun shines through our entry windows is always eye-opening. I promise I clean that entryway regularly, but somehow seeing it in the sunlight gives a whole new perspective as to where the dust accumulates. Use the added light and sunshine to get those dusty areas cleaned!

Spring Cleaning Reason #2: It’s time to air out and disinfect, ridding your home of the germs your family has been dealing with all winter long.

There is something about fresh air that improves our attitudes in our home. I don’t know what it is, but if the wind isn’t blowing the rain, snow, sleet, or hail sideways into the windows of our home, then the windows (and sometimes doors) in my home are open, allowing fresh air to circulate. Try it today and see if you don’t find yourself with more energy and a renewed excitement for life. Winters can be dark and dreary, and those feelings of isolation can often be remedied by the sounds of kids playing, neighbors talking, and the smell of BBQ.

Spring Cleaning Reason #3: Once the weather gets hot, the last thing you will want to do is spend your days cleaning the interior of your home.

Trust me, once the sunshine hits and the temperatures rise above 70, I’m outside with my kids during every waking hour. The last thing I want to do is worry about the cobwebs that have accumulated over the past year. Get rid of them, and all of the other major cleaning issues, now, and you’ll be thankful you did.

Take it a Step Further

As I normally do, I want to challenge you to take this process of spring cleaning one step further. After all, how good would it feel if you could spring clean your life at the same time? That’s exactly what we are doing. So, take the next seven days to methodically spring clean your home and your life, at the same time. Each day comes with a specific challenge and you’ll find a list of household tasks as well so that you can ensure a fully clean house by the end of the week.

Day 1: How to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

Day 2: How to Spring Clean Your Family Life

Day 3: How to Spring Clean Your Friendships

Day 4: How to Spring Clean Your Parenting Life

Day 5: How to Spring Clean Your Marriage

Day 6: How to Spring Clean Your Personal Life

Day 7: How to Spring Clean Your Spiritual Life